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The FEDs

In the 2030's, when DC takes place, the government has changed a bit. For example, most of the intelligence agencies have been overhauled and blended together into the new FBI, and it focuses more on a military-style approach to handling situations, of course also integrating the latest technology. All agents carry a 9mm pistol, suit and tie, and most have immediate access to an MP5 and frag grenades. Generally, what these "boyz" do is shoot first and ask questions later. The agency is somewhat less corrupt that it used to be, but management of its resources has proven quite a challenge to whoever has been put in charge. Still, they are the main physical threat to the Hyponi labs. They use the excuse that the labs conduct illegal experiments and use equipment without permits, which was originally brought to their attention by the Doctor, through Hemmings. They constantly try to take down the labs, but as they are nothing more than the feds, and the labs are the ones controlling the most advanced technology in the system - they have not succeeded.


Jacobson is the current head of the FBI. He is a cautious man, and never does anything that he would consider "bad", but under his supervision FBI raids and assaults rarely go well. He leaves the "dirty work" to his inferiors, such as Higgins. He has worked with Hemmings in the past, though he is unaware of his rogue activities or work with the Doctor. Jacobson's job is mainly to drink coffee and ask questions at presentations. He also manages the feds' spending, and is sometimes present during high-level interrogations regarding tax affairs.


Captain Higgins or "the good captain" is one of the top employees with the FBI. He directs assaults, heads up research projects and does most of the presentations around the fed building. He is mostly against Hemmings' connection with the Doctor, despite Hemmings' many efforts to get him to join. This usually leads to conflicts angering The Doctor, resulting in Higgins' demise. However, he knows Hemmings well and is glad to work with him. What he does know is that the HMS labs need to be stopped, because they possess illegal technology and far too many of the employees there don't pay their taxes. His other main foe is The Russian Mafia, constantly he is sending raids on Moltov's Dog food, but the good Ivans holds him off. Other than his job, Higgins is extremely intelligent, cautious, and is always trying to learn the truth of the universe; possibly the reason he goes rogue often and takes control himself.


Dekker is a patriotic, anti-communist man in a high position but with a low neuron count. He is not actually stupid at all, but is really just left out of the loop. He takes orders from the Doctor, usually through Hemmings, and runs the Doctor's desert base. He has no real motives of his own, except for the annihilation of Russia and all the other "blasted commies" as he calls them. He has a cigar hanging out of his mouth at all times, and has been known to play cards in the missile tracking rooms of various government facilities.

Special Agent Johns

Operating with the FBI, Special Agent Johns, or simply "Johns", is an enforcer-type working directly under Higgins. A fresh recruit for the Edmonton Division in late 2033, William Cole Johns accelerated quickly up the chain of command from Jr. Assistant Deputy Janitor to Divisions Administrator, proving his worth by heading up raids himself and single-handedly taking out hundreds of Russian Mafiosi, fueled by an unknown vendetta. Johns is one heck of a good shot with the 12-guage, and when he's out of rounds he effectively brandishes the gun as a melee club. He affectionately calls this shotgun of his Noris, for whatever reason, despite Higgins' dissatisfaction – and he never leaves it behind. Johns also has a few skeletons in the closest: he is a former member of the Molochean Hand, the most deadly assassin group in the galaxy. He was betrayed nearly 10 years ago, by the Dark Lord...the most brilliant assassin of them all, Smith (aka The Assassin). He joined the FBI with the aid of an unidentified bounty hunter to find his old nemesis and settle the score – In fact since then Johns has learned that The Assassin is working for The Doctor, and he knows he must go through Higgins to get to Hemmings, get to The Doctor, and finally Smith. Smith is under the assumption he ended Johns life aboard the Gregori Express in Northern Russian, during a mission to terminate a rival group's leader. Aside from Smith, who carried out a "clean-house" on the Molochean Hand and all its members, Johns is the only surviving member. Johns still secretly carries out bounty-hunter style missions for unknown parties, for instance bringing in key people from HMS - and sometimes doing some of the more interesting assignments, such as missions to kill Feldman.

The Major

The Major, as he is called, is a few ranks below Hemmings and Dekker. He does not work for the FBI like Higgins, but spends a lot of his time operating bases with the good Admiral. Also unlike Higgins, he is more involved with the Doctor, and often takes orders from Dekker or Hemmings. He is not especially useful though, and most of his orders are along the lines of "Major, send some of our men to keep an eye on the good captain." He also has a slight "problem" with Captain Higgins, especially when Higgins doesn't obey orders or "steps out of line" in any way. Higgins has no plans for him, but the Major intents some day to terminate Higgins once and for all.


Browns stands at the rank of major. His role isn’t any in particular...he can be doing such jobs as managing the security desk at Dekker's Desert base, raiding the labs, or working a terminal aboard the devastator. Although how he changes roles so often is unknown, he does provide excellent assistance to whomever he’s currently directly working for.

Detective Carlson

Detective Carlson is an individual working for the "Edmonton Blues" (the local police force) who is absolutely oblivious when it comes to Hyponi Labs, the FBI’s work in Edmonton, the Russian Mafia, or anything else. He normally gets involved in the situation involving them when just another law-abiding citizen gives a distress call. Minutes later he and a group of Edmonton's finest show up (he's always in the command) only to get involved in the world of advanced technologies and tax reports. Sadly, the poor detective seems to be on a team of his own; the FBI often kidnaps him and goes through an extensive interrogation. Once they find out everything he knows, he receives a shot of cyanide to the neck…the event ends with his corpse being discarded into a dumpster around back. Alternatively, Russian Mafia snatches him up...such an incident ends with the dog food grinder though.