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The Doctor

The Doctor, or as he is sometimes called, Sigmund Heinz, is the greatest threat to the HMS labs, and perhaps the entire universe. His mental abilities surpass that of all the Hyponi staff members combined. With nothing more than a wave of a hand, he could have the city leveled, change the vector of a meteor to impact the earth, and dispatch several thousand Black Guards to do his bidding. He has numerous bases in deserts, jungles, Edmonton, the moon, and his headquarters on Venus 5, a moon of Venus. The Doctor has pretty much endless financial power, due to his previous ownership of the Hyponi Labs. In the beginning, he wore a white lab coat like Simons and Gordon, and together they founded the labs when Edmonton was only a few years old. All three of them grew in power, both physical and psychic. Over time the labs worked towards their highest goal: immortality. They all achieved it, in a way, but the Doctor's method was perhaps the best. The good doctors discovered that they could..."respawn", and later learned that this was due to their exposure to the Blue Van. Norton, who was a young software engineer at the time, realized that the Doctor, if allowed to become too powerful, could destroy them. After months of planning, the good doctors stole the Blue Van, and the chase was on. What followed has been considered one of the greatest battles in the history of the Universe, The Battle for the Blue Van. They fought the Doctor and his forces, for he had recently completed a highly advanced cloning system within the Lower Labs, and began producing throngs of troops for his purposes. Eventually the good doctors were cornered in the industrial area of Edmonton, in a factory that no one had ever seen before. Within the factory were hundreds of vats of green ooze, and within it swam the Fish Heads. Their origin is still as great a mystery as that of the Blue Van itself. As the Doctor closed in, Gordon hopped up in the rafters and came down behind Sigmund, and pushed him into one of the vats. Knowing the power of the Doctor, they launched the entire facility into the depths of space, never to be seen again...or so they thought. The Doctor spent several years within the Fish Head vats, but slowly he developed an immunity to their terrible effects, and as his mind was bent and twisted to insanity, he learned to control them. Eventually, he escaped the vats, now totally in control of the mighty Fish Heads. Although he was several hundred million miles from earth now, he was able to turn the factory around with telekinesis, and eventually got back into the earth’s orbit. He then encountered a small shuttle flying away from one of the government's space stations. The shuttle docked with his vessel, and he learned that it was a rogue general named Hemmings. Hemmings assisted the Doctor in his escape and return to power, and the Doctor promised him a place in his empire when he regained control. Later he discovered that whenever he was killed, he would soon return to existence because somewhere in the universe a fish head would have latched onto someone's head, killed them and turned them into the Doctor. Years later, the Blue Van is in the hands of the Good Doctors, Norton now runs the HMS labs, and the Doctor constantly plots revenge. Amazingly however, he has never been able to destroy them. It is believed that this is due to their possession of the Blue Van, but some actually think it is because the good doctors themselves are powerful. For example, in some of their encounters Simons and the Doctor have locked eyes, and the first one to look away, always because they trip or are pushed, is incinerated instantly. The Doctor did not stop at Fish Heads though. He constantly searches for ways to increase level of consciousness. Several years ago he designed an eyepiece which is held on by a leather band. It has onboard magnification of up to 500x, thermal imaging and a highly advanced UI which he uses to keep inventory as well as track his minions and control his fish heads more effectively. He also realized that his white lab coat was no longer needed, and disintegrated it. He replaced it with a black leather trench coat with a high collar and a black hat. Over time, through General Hemmings, he made many connections with the FBI and other intelligence agencies. He often uses them to acquire certain targets, such as Gordon Freeman at the labs. Another asset he has is Admiral Dekker, a slightly clueless yet useful patriot who controls and influences many that the Doctor seeks also control and influence over.

Fish Heads

Not much in the universe surpasses the terrible nature of the Fish Heads. For one, they are the brethren of the Doctor, and people can be possessed by them simply by looking into their pitch-black eye sockets. They can move around freely in space, regardless of gravity or other forces, and can latch around a person's head, and quickly convert their corpse into a copy of the Doctor. Very, very little is known of the Fish Heads, except that they were originally discovered in the factory that the Doctor was trapped in when he was exiled by the other doctors. Luckily, a good 12-guage round usually handles any Fish Head, but they often come in swarms...


Hemmings is one of the government's highest-ranking military officials. He controls hundreds of thousands of troops, and has security privileges that allow him to bypass even the most classified systems and take over operations from the FBI. It is a good thing for him that he has such high clearance, because he has a stunning habit of "going rogue", disobeying orders, and launching missiles at random targets. One of the times he went rogue of course was when he met the Doctor in space after jackin’ an experimental Nasa shuttle. However, once he started working for the Doctor and using his position of General to their advantage, he sometimes went rogue and defied the Doctor as well, which always ends in him being terminated one way or another. Hemmings is considered "number two" in The Doctor's chain of command.

Black Guards

The Black Guards are the Doctor' personal henchmen. They are the bodies of innocent civilians, captured by the Doctor and forced into their black suit filled with fish juice. It is impossible for them to disobey an order, but at times they have been known to overcome the power of the fish juice and go on a rampage. The good doctors would try to rescue them, but the fish juice has converted them into mindless killing machines with no aspirations or hopes of any kind. There are thousands of them, but as they are controlled solely by the power of the Fish Heads, each individual is not very intelligent or powerful. It is as a group that they are most deadly. They were originally part of the Doctor's cloning program, before he left the Hyponi labs. But when he returned from deep space, the Doctor, madly seeking revenge on humanity, infused the technology with his Fish Heads and the Black Guards were created.


The good Commander Hutchins can always be found aboard the control deck on The Devastator. He job consists of two things: reporting operation updates to Hemmings or commanding the ship himself when Hemmings is amiss. Sadly, Hutchins normally falls into the casualty category once The Doctor replaces Hemmings as commanding officer on deck. Reporting to The Doctor is not a 'safe' task, as The Doctor isn’t as….forgiving as the General is. Hutchins of course, is clumsy and lacks common sense - and the Doctor doesn't 'do' excuses.

The Assassin

The Assassin is a professional who provides his "service" to the Doctor for a very high price. However, he is very, very good. He was once a member of the Molochean Hand, the most elite group of assassins in the world, but eventually 'quit' because the work was simply too easy. He murdered and betrayed every single one of the other members, single-handedly eliminating the majority of them all in a final grand shootout, deep within the gang penthouse in the sewers below downtown Edmonton. The rest were taken out in various places around the world over the coming months. After the dust settled from what came to be known his "Edmonton Contract" he picked up a new agreement; 10-figures pay if he worked for The Doctor. He now almost continuously lurks in the shadows around The Doctor, awaiting the command to terminate anyone at any time. His weapon of choice is a high powered rifle with a $200,000 scope, along with a built-in UI and tracking computer. He also has a stealth suit, one of the Doctors most advanced creations, which allows him to be invisible at any time, and pass through any physical object at will, such as a wall. Still, like almost any threat in the world of DC, nothing more than a 12-guage triple-action Remmington is needed for his termination.

Darth Gordon and Darth Simons

Darth Simons and Darth Gordon are some type of alter-personality of the good doctors Gordon and Simons. Sometimes, when they are aboard a ship within the immense reaches of space, the good doctors alter; before you know it, they’re in black capes, light sabers swinging at their sides, and are goading at crewmembers. Such conversations arise as "I want the ship completed on schedule; Darth Simons is not as...forgiving as I am". A highlight is they become increasingly influent at the abilities…such as holding out a few fingers and someone grasping their neck. Sadly…they also lose patience and become aggravated by far too easily...resulting in the death of another innocent crewmember. Such a situation might end in the remark "Apology accepted…captain".


Ivans Ivanoff - Russian Mafia. Ivans is relatively new in town. He moved here with a small group of his friends from Russia, and they quickly bought an old dog food factory to use as a cover for their activities. Ivans has some telepathic abilities, but he is no match to the other characters who have "learned the truth". However this makes no difference to him - all he requires is his devastatingly powerful 6-shooter, which shoots a .45 caliber bullet at a few thousand miles per hour. Anyone unfortunate enough to be at the other end of this weapon is likely to either be ripped apart, or go flying across the room and break almost anything they hit. Moltov's Dog Food, as Ivans' company is called, actually does make dog food...and provides a good location to dispose of people who didn't "see his point of view". He continues to hire loyal Russians to help carry out his sinister plans, and...someone has to work the grinders.


Boris, the janitor for the HMS labs, is not what he seems. He is actually an espionage specialist for the Russian Mafia. However, despite his numerous attacks on various scientists and other staff members, Boris has not been asked to leave. He provides a very useful inside source for Ivans, and spends the time when he's not working with his trusty mop and bucket, conversing with employees, finding out information. Other times, he simply uses his mop as a spear, or perhaps the last thing the good doctors see is the mop washing over their face, then blackness...

The Dark Doctors

Before leaving Russia, Ivans rescued a small group of insane scientists from an asylum in Moscow. Sergi, Felps, Newton and Armstrong - the Dark Doctors. They wear black lab coats, and Armstrong has been partially converted to a cyborg; his arms and eyes replaced with high tech pieces of equipment. The Dark Doctors are not obsessed with violence, but they do have a habit of saying " 'em do" and being sprayed with a red mist after hearing a few high powered saws and drills fire up. They do Ivans' bidding, and provide invaluable when it comes to removing the Hyponi's reactor or deactivating self-distruct systems on stolen warheads.

Mr. Stamper

Mr. Stamper is a contract freelancer of Austrian descent that typically gets jobs with the Russian mafia involving the "removal" of Gordon Freeman. Mr. Stamper's towering frame effortlessly handles the good doctor of course, even though this behemoth can't help conking his head on door frames and squishing every hand he shakes to a beaten pulp. They don’t call him Mr. Stamper for no reason, as he tends to stomp around and you can hear him coming quite a distance away. Nevertheless, he's good at two things: snapping backs and cracking skulls.

The Gordon

Gordon was running an experiment down in the labs one day involving some unstable fluids, he activated a beam, and the ooze shot up through the control room window...the poor doctor was sucked down. The Gordon was created and went on a rampage around the labs...luckily; Simons handled the beast with an A-30 Pistol later that day. Gordon of course respawned the next day in his normal state, but so did The Gordon, which continues to respawn like any other entity in the universe. Often it shows up around the labs causing havoc and nightmares with its irregular appearances and string of riddles in which it speaks. Physically the beast is rather weak; a simple pistol can take it down...but its best to get a pump-action Remmington, just to make sure it stays down.