About DC

The Doctor Chronicles is the creation of two high school seniors from Santa Cruz, California, in the US. Their names are Kwynten Fesler and Matthew Pearson. However, they go by the aliases Doctor Gordon and Doctor Simons, respectively, online.

It all started one day over yahoo messenger. Due to both of their eccentricity, both Simons and Gordon would casually use " ** " in their chats to signify action, for example “ **i tossed you out the window, you fell to your...messy...doom** “. (Actually, this started many many years ago, when they were in elementary school because this is simply the sort of thing they would say to one another, however…that’s a whole different story.) Anyways, in Yahoo Gordon had activated the "Last Shot Comic" IMVironment, in which things you type are displayed in quote bubbles of characters from the comic. When they started typing, one of the characters that "said" what they had typed, had some type of divine inspirational effect, and Simons suddenly exclaimed "It's the Doctor!" These were the first words of the Doctor Chronicles.

They continued to play around with that for weeks, until…eventually the IMvironment wasn’t even needed…and ‘comics’ were simply typed out as plain old ‘screenplays’.

Over time these screenplays grew more complex, eventually integrating simple storylines. Soon enough, memorable characters such as Hemmings, the fish heads, and the pair of flapping jaws were introduced. Mainly, however, the character of Gordon Freeman was developed, who was "inspired" by the legendary hit PC game, and some of the basic concepts of the Doctor Chronicles are based off that game and others like it, such as the high-tech laboratory setting and grey-haired scientists running around screaming (who the character of Simons is based off of). One day after one of these screenplay things with an especially strong plot, Dr. Gordon suggested they created some type of anthology of these adventures, and that soon elevated into a glorious vision of a thriving web comic. And so, in August of 2002, Dr. Gordon made the first comics, which can still be found under “originals” in the comics section. Of course, these were beyond lousy…
During this period of development, Simons had been on a streak of obsession with the level editor of Half-Life, Worldcraft. He created a small map of a control room and a test chamber, as well as wasted about nine hours trying to model Gordon in the program (he actually came out pretty good, considering the tool used), took a few screenshots, added text and called the comic “The Hyponi Labs”. Note that Simons did originally tell Gordon that this was not "The Labs" at which our heroes and their adventures took place, however months later, when it came time to actually name The Labs we adopted the Hyponi name.

The first breakthrough comic was Good Doctors And The Mechanics Lab. The graphics were primitive, and the doctors didn't start officially using 3D backgrounds (which were made with screenshots taken in Worldcraft) for another 20 or 30 comics (the 3d backgrounds are no longer used however), but it was a breakthrough in the DC style. Again, the previous quality was shattered with with Gordon's Lunch Break, which greatly widened the frontier of humor, for it was simply one of the funniest things Gordon or Simons had ever seen...ever - and at that point they started considering a web site to display these.

Over time it became clear that the two scientists Gordon and Simons were the most commonly featured in the comics, and therefore must be the "star" characters. Naturally, there being two of them and two creators, they took on the characters. Originally “Simons” was going to be Gordon but in the last minute he changed his mind. As expected, over time they each grew better at drawing their personal character.

Simons finally managed to scrap together an abomination of a site at Netfirms (a web host), and the comic came online on September 28th, 2002. Years later, they’ve been through 2 more site designs….each one simpler than the last.